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  1. Surefire Follow-Up Strategies That Guarantee Your Event’s Success

    Did you know that the majority of marketers believe live events are critical to their company’s success, yet 80% of trade show exhibitors don’t follow-up…

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  2. Event lead generation strategy main

    How to Execute an Event Lead Generation Strategy – 6 Tips That Will Give You Quality Leads

    If you’re serious about generating leads through hosting an event, you need to maximize the lead generation opportunities it offers. Did you know that the…

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    How to Connect with Potential Event Sponsors

    Event sponsorship is an important aspect of many business events. It is a great way to build new relationships, enhance brand awareness, and attract new customers.…

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  4. business people at trade show

    Is Event Marketing Right for Your Business?

    Many markets have become increasingly competitive and businesses are continually looking for new ways to engage their customers. Promoting your business through events – event…

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    Get the Most Out of Your Marketing Event by Acing Your Post-Event Strategy

    Hosting a marketing event is an excellent way to interact with customers, expand your audience, build brand awareness and increase sales. According to the Event…

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  6. Woman promoting her new business at an event

    Grow Your New Business with Events

      Growing a new business can be very challenging. You may ask yourself, “How do I tell people about my services? How do I get…

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  7. How to Qualify Leads at Your Events

      A marketing event is an ideal way to interact one-on-one with current and potential customers. In a world saturated by digital, a marketing event…

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  8. How an Outside Event Manager Can Save Your Business Money

    When it’s time to plan a marketing event for your business, which is the more cost-effective option; hiring an outside event manager or using your…

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  9. 4 Reasons Why In-person Event Marketing is Essential

    As the online space grows ever more crowded, in-person events are becoming more essential than ever. They offer the valuable opportunity to speak directly to…

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  10. 5 Ways to Generate Leads with Events

      Marketing your business through an event is a wonderful way for you to showcase your company in a unique way. Whether it’s promoting your…

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