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Are you ready to:

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“We work closely with you to understand your goals and then develop strategies to help you achieve them.

—Deany Dormer, Owner & Event Manager

A strategically planned and managed business event that speaks directly to your target customer can accomplish your goals. Business events with clear definitions of what the desired result is and how we should get there is the foundation of a winning process.


Deany Dormer

Deany Dormer

Deany loves working with businesses to plan events that target company objectives. She is the Owner and Event Manager of Executive Events, a corporate and business event company that focuses on your return on investment (ROI). Whatever your objective, Deany and the Executive Events team want you to embrace the event opportunities available to you through live marketing and put this powerful medium to work for you.

In the past, Deany Dormer has managed and coordinated business events for companies such as The Virginian-Pilot, Inside Business, Tidewater Parent, PilotOnline.com, The Flagship, Targeted Publications + Media, Pilot Media and many others. Award winning events with Inside Business include annual affairs such as Top 40 Under 40, Women in Business, Entrepreneurial Excellence, Heroes at Home, Health Care Heroes, Darden Awards, The Roaring 20 and more. She’s worked on industry trade shows such as the Children’s Hospital of the Kings Daughter’s Baby Fair and Targeted Publications’ Stylicious: A Show for Women and The Ultimate Show for Women events. She’s done city product launches for the Pulitzer-prize-winning newspaper, The Virginian-Pilot and other engaging events such as ECO Conference, Media Fest, Social Media/Marketing Seminar series, the wildly popular Cox Executive Discussion Series breakfasts and the Global Business Conference.
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While working on many events Deany discovered that the most important factor was not only to host a good event but to make sure events are actually hitting business objectives. This led her to start the new company Executive Events which works with you to be clear on your event objectives and put metrics in place to maximize ROI. Executive Events will work with you on any aspect of your event no matter how big or small. From internal events that work to overcome psychological barriers that hinder internal communication to conferences that establish you as an expert in your industry, Deany and Executive Events would love to work with your team to accomplish your goals.


Executive Events is an event planning and management company that works with you and your business to create unforgettable events that promote your company and help build client relationships.

Hosting an event is a great opportunity for your business to gain exposure and encourage new customers to personally connect with your brand. But the key to hosting a successful event is pinpointing the reason behind it. Identify a measurable goal that everything is geared toward accomplishing.

What is your business event objective?

  • Introduce your services to the community
  • Market directly to your target customers
  • Thank existing customers and attract new ones
  • Launch a new product and create excitement among influencers
  • Inform and educate attendees

Whatever your objective, we at Executive Events will show you how to create and capitalize on the personal interaction you’ll have with your targeted demographic. We’ll explain how you can build brand loyalty or generate new interest while adding to a customer base and building new business. Anyone can throw a great party, but this isn’t about throwing a great party. This is about hitting business objectives.

Sound like a lot to handle? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered, in whatever capacity you need.

Executive Events provides a full suite of integrated services to plan, market and manage your business events. We will help you take control of your event needs and truly present yourself in a way that inspires, impresses, and builds confidence in your business’ abilities, products, and services.

Some of the events we shape include:

✔ Meetings & Conferences
✔ Corporate Celebrations & Retreats
✔ Lead Generation Events
✔ Product Launches
✔ Lunch and Learns
✔ Fundraising Galas
✔ Training Sessions
✔ Hospitality Events
✔ Holiday Functions
✔ And more!
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