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How to Connect with Potential Event Sponsors


Event sponsorship is an important aspect of many business events. It is a great way to build new relationships, enhance brand awareness, and attract new customers. (Tweet this!Having the support of a well-known and respected company will not only be great PR for your business but will also gain the trust of potential consumers.

In order to attain the ideal event sponsor, check out the suggestions below.

Finding the Appropriate Sponsor

Before you begin contacting sponsors, think about the type of company with whom you want to align your business. Think about your brand, what it represents, and who your target audience is – the answers should help narrow down the type of sponsor you need, as they should share these same targets. Knowing your audience is an important factor to attract potential sponsors. Companies want to know how sponsoring an event will benefit them, and the type of brand exposure your event can offer.

Assess Your Event Assets

When planning an event, identify all the ways a sponsor could benefit from your event. Think about where you could place their logo, if they would benefit from showing their products at a booth, or any other way they could market themselves at the event. By identifying the best opportunities for a potential sponsor, you are able to be clear about why a particular company would benefit from participating in your event.

Contact Potential Sponsors

Depending on the time-frame of your event, there are different ways to go about contacting sponsors. If you begin contacting them months in advance, you should start off with an email introducing your business and the event. These emails should not be used for a pitch, instead, they should be used as a conversation starter.

Before you send your emails, however, do some research about your potential sponsors. Understand what their brands are, what they hope to accomplish, and who their audience is. Look at their website, social media, and advertising to see what they’ve accomplished and if they’ve sponsored events before. Based on this information, tailor your email message to each sponsor. Remember to include how your event will benefit your sponsor and the type of audience they could reach. Make sure the email is all about them, and emphasize how you intend to add value to their company.

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Follow Up

When speaking with potential sponsors that have shown an interest in sponsoring your event, make sure to follow up and send them detailed marketing materials that promote the benefits of sponsorship. This should be used as part of your event strategy to help give your prospect all necessary information. When doing a phone campaign your initial pitch should be no longer than 30 seconds and should explain the event, audience and the ways the sponsor can benefit. Once they show interest, include more details in order to have a more robust conversation.

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5 Ways to Generate Leads with Events



Marketing your business through an event is a wonderful way for you to showcase your company in a unique way. Whether it’s promoting your company directly or celebrating a business achievement an event is the perfect place for networking and obtaining future customers.  Putting on the right type of event can offer potential customers a relaxed and comfortable buying environment rather than a high pressured sales meeting.  Like we always say at Executive Events, an event can take the place of a first sales call. With event marketing you are able to meet new people, build real-life relationships and create a lasting impact, therefore, creating the perfect place to generate new leads that will eventually become paying customers.


Here are 5 great ways you can generate leads at your next marketing event:


1. Stop Being a Salesperson  

 Talking at an event

The purpose of the event is to ultimately obtain new customers, so you will eventually need to make the sales pitch – but don’t be too eager to do so.  Take the time to have a genuine conversation with each person you meet. Ask them questions and get to know them. This will make them feel more comfortable, and will make it easier for you to pitch the sale once you know what’s most important to them and how you can help.


2. Plan Ahead


Depending on the size of the event, it may be challenging to have a conversation with every potential customer.  So, before the event, make a list of all the people to whom you want to talk. Whether they’re complete strangers, or you have met them previously, know who your top prospects are and what they look like.  Especially if you have only reached out to them through email, telephone or another virtual platform. An event is the perfect place to formally introduce yourself and establish that relationship. If you have a team, make sure each team member knows your divide and conquer plan.


3. Manage Your Time and Set a Goal


Managing your time at the event is crucial. Talking to one person for a lengthy amount of time, or taking too much time to approach someone you want to talk to, can be detrimental to your game plan. Set a goal of the number of people you want to talk to in order to keep yourself in check. If you plan on talking to twenty people, but you’re in the middle of a conversation with only an hour left, don’t be afraid to excuse yourself. Be aware if a conversation is going nowhere, or if the person has no interest in talking to you, so you can use your time more wisely.


4. Talk to Strangers 


While it’s smart to know who you want to talk to beforehand, you should also approach people you don’t already know. Walk up to a stranger, or ask a mutual friend to introduce you. That person will appreciate the friendly gesture, and the interaction may benefit you in the long run.  Especially if you have already talked to your top prospects, reaching out to new people will only generate more leads.


5. Follow Up 


After networking and taking the time to make so many new connections, you want to be sure your efforts were not in vain. It is imperative to get every single person’s contact information so you can get in touch with them in the future. Even if you only chat briefly, ask for their card or contact information so you can continue the conversation if you feel they are a good prospect. If there are people you especially want to pursue, send them a handwritten note or invite them to coffee to get to know them better.


Overall, make sure you are inviting the right people to your event so your chances of turning attendees into customers is as high as possible. Know beforehand who your perfect customer is so you know them when you see them. Have a conversation and listen to their needs to discover exactly how your product or service can help them. And always have a follow-up plan. Create your strategy for lead generation as you are planning your event for the best results possible. Happy lead generating!

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The Importance of Gathering Event Data

Hosting an event to market your business is a great way to gain publicity and connect with potential partners and customers.  When doing events for marketing purposes it is imperative to collect crucial event data, which will prove useful for future analysis.  Data analytics are becoming an important key to understanding and reaching consumers, therefore, making it a crucial for all businesses to understand.

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