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Grow Your New Business with Events

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Growing a new business can be very challenging. You may ask yourself, “How do I tell people about my services? How do I get my name out to those that may be interested in my product?” There are many different ways you can use to market your new company. One of the most innovative ways to do this is by hosting strategic events. Events can help you build the visibility of your organization and gain awareness from your ideal customers.

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There are many types of events you can host to help achieve this when starting a new company. Some are more specific to the industry than others, such as hosting a family and friends dinner at a new restaurant or having a grand opening offering discounts at a new store. This article will explore some event ideas that can be implemented across all industries.entrepreneurs speaking at event

Before we get into the types of events, here are a few things to keep in mind when planning your event.

The most crucial element to consider is the return on objective. Don’t host an event just for the sake of it. When you plan your event, think about how it is increasing the awareness of your organization or its capability to help build your customer base.


The most crucial element to consider when planning a strategic event is your Return on Objective.”  Tweet this!

Here are a few questions to ask:

1. What is the objective of this event?
2. Will I be able to generate any new business leads?
3. How will I measure the success of the event?
4. What is my follow up plan?

event coordinator explaining plan to business team

The next thing to consider is how to manage your time wisely so the event is successful but does not distract you from running your new business. Given the stress of starting a new company, consider hiring an event planning company to help you with all the finer details. This not only frees up your time during the planning process but also allows you the freedom to enjoy the day-of-event and mingle with prospects. An event manager can help you choose the right location, select catering everyone will enjoy and book entertainment that suits the environment of your event. Some companies, like Executive Events, will also help you determine your event objective and put metrics in place to achieve your event goals. Rather than worrying about event logistics, you can network and build relationships with your attendees.

Finally, don’t forget about social media. Create accounts for your organization on the platforms your ideal client frequents. Consider using hashtags and posting pictures and information for each of your events. There are many great ways to use events to build out your public profile. Adding your event information to appropriate social platforms is a fantastic way to extend the life of your event.

Now, let’s explore some effective ways to promote your new business through events.

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Official Business Launch

Consider hosting a launch event. Capitalize on your event by inviting the media and high-profile members of your community in addition to your ideal clients. Remember to give them a compelling reason to attend.

team planning for business launch

For media invitations, don’t just send out a blanket press release. Target journalists who have written about what you’re marketing. Even online bloggers with influence in your industry can be more helpful than just trying to get every major news outlet to attend.

Utilize the staff you have in public relations, marketing and sales to attract the right network connections and sales prospects. If you don’t have those departments in your company yet, sit down and make a list of those in your community that could purchase your product or service. Who are the types of people that you help most with your new business?

Give people a reason to come. New businesses launch every day, what makes yours special? You’ll have a captive and diverse audience in one room. Capitalize on this by keeping the information interesting and finding ways to make your event unique. Consider incorporating a demo of your product or doing a giveaway for something exciting. You could incorporate your event hashtag as part of your game for a prize. The winner could be the person who gets the most likes, comments or retweets. This has the added benefit of getting your new business some extra social media exposure. Finding ways to make your event exciting and unique is something you can work on with your event manager.

Don’t forget to acknowledge the people who have helped you get to the point of being able to launch a business. Showcase your employees, investors, and other partners during the event.

Product Launch Event

Not to be confused with the official business launch event, this event is targeted to one offering you want to feature. Both launches have significant benefits for your new business in terms of attracting key people and giving you one-on-one time with them. The product launch allows you to make more targeted sales.

Consider choosing a venue that reflects your product or service. Are there conferences or expos that happen in the same venue year after year in your industry? See if you can find space in that venue. Choosing a location synonymous with your product will help you to build a reputation in the field.

This event is more product or service specific than the business launch. This is where you get to show off your product with demos and a more in-depth explanation of its uniqueness.

Utilize the same key focus areas mentioned in the business launch; attract the right people, give them a reason to come, and don’t forget to acknowledge the people who helped you build the product or service you’re featuring.

Retention Event

You just got your business started but you’re already concerned with how to keep customers and clients. This is common for all new businesses; the first five years are always when you must work the hardest to ensure people keep coming back. This is the time that sets the precedence for years to come.

Hosting an event to celebrate the first year you’ve been in business and thank those who have helped you achieve that success can go a long way. The focus here can just be expressing thanks to your existing clients, customers, and network. And less on hard sales. You will still find return on investment through this type of event by retaining those you are already in business with.

“Hosting an event to celebrate the first year you’ve been in business and thank those who have helped you achieve that success can go a long way.” Tweet this!

Going a step further, you may consider hosting casual drop-ins every month or two. Such as a wine and cheese night or an industry-specific activity. Give your network and customers access to your office to ask questions without having to schedule an appointment. Invite them to drop in to say hi or bring a friend or colleague in who may be interested in your business. Supply some food or drinks and have a casual open-door policy where you and your staff are available to chat with anyone who comes by.

receptionist welcoming people into the office

Attend Events

Don’t forget to allocate some of your budget to attend events also. Find events where your ideal customer will be and make sure to have a presence there. This gives you even more opportunity to build your network and generate prospective business.

Next Steps

All these events can help you cultivate your business network and connect you with valuable opportunities in your community. Consider meeting with a strategic event company to plan out the first year or two of events that you will host. Be strategic in your timing. Research conferences or industry weeks that you can time your event to work in conjunction with. Or create a stand-alone event that fills a gap in the market.

Our team at Executive Events has experience in helping businesses execute promotional events. Contact us today to learn how a strategic event can help you promote your business.

4 Reasons Why In-person Event Marketing is Essential

As the online space grows ever more crowded, in-person events are becoming more essential than ever. They offer the valuable opportunity to speak directly to your target audience and form in-person connections with them. At an in-person event, you can get immediate feedback and control the customer experience in a unique way. This is why event marketing is an essential element of your marketing mix.

You Build an Emotional Connection

People come to your event because they’re interested in what you have to offer. Basically, they’re self-selected as the best possible audience to receive your brand message and ultimately buy your product or service. Instead of talking to the internet at large or every reader of a newspaper or the drivers going by on the highway, you’re speaking directly to your target demographic.

You can use that opportunity to build an in-person connection that feels more immediate and personal than other forms of marketing. In-person events build an emotional connection with attendees, as Howard Givner explained in an article from Entrepreneur.

Givenr says that companies can leverage the connection guests built at an event, cultivating their emotional connection into an ongoing relationship.

Even if attendees don’t buy right away, they’ve become warm leads, primed for a sale.

You Get Immediate Feedback

At an in-person event, you have an ideal opportunity to get immediate feedback on your product or service. No need for focus groups or emailed customer surveys. Guests can try your product in real-time. You can address their questions right away.

This give and take helps you break down barriers to the sale and show potential customers exactly why they need your product or service.

And the value extends far beyond the end of the event. You can use the feedback, questions and discussion to inform your marketing strategy. For example, you might write a blog based on a question you heard several times or start a new Facebook ad campaign showcasing a feature your attendees were particularly excited about.

You Can Curate the Customer Experience

Consumers are bombarded by advertising and marketing messages all day every day. Experts claim a person sees as many as 10,000 brand messages per day. That’s a lot of competition for your ideal customer’s attention.

At an in-person event, your competitors are left outside. Instead of seeing dozens or hundreds of options, attendees see one, yours. That gives you an uninterrupted platform for evangelizing your product or service.

Event Marketing Works

In the Content Marketing Institute’s 2015 Benchmarks, Budgets and Trends survey, event marketing topped the list of effective marketing strategies. And with good reason. According to the EventTrack Content Benchmarking Report, 74% of consumers say they’re more likely to purchase after attending a branded event.

The evidence is clear — event marketing just works.

Let Executive Events assist you to plan an event that promotes your business, generates leads and creates a lasting buzz. For more information contact Executive Events at or at 757-785-5081.

5 Ways to Generate Leads with Events



Marketing your business through an event is a wonderful way for you to showcase your company in a unique way. Whether it’s promoting your company directly or celebrating a business achievement an event is the perfect place for networking and obtaining future customers.  Putting on the right type of event can offer potential customers a relaxed and comfortable buying environment rather than a high pressured sales meeting.  Like we always say at Executive Events, an event can take the place of a first sales call. With event marketing you are able to meet new people, build real-life relationships and create a lasting impact, therefore, creating the perfect place to generate new leads that will eventually become paying customers.


Here are 5 great ways you can generate leads at your next marketing event:


1. Stop Being a Salesperson  

 Talking at an event

The purpose of the event is to ultimately obtain new customers, so you will eventually need to make the sales pitch – but don’t be too eager to do so.  Take the time to have a genuine conversation with each person you meet. Ask them questions and get to know them. This will make them feel more comfortable, and will make it easier for you to pitch the sale once you know what’s most important to them and how you can help.


2. Plan Ahead


Depending on the size of the event, it may be challenging to have a conversation with every potential customer.  So, before the event, make a list of all the people to whom you want to talk. Whether they’re complete strangers, or you have met them previously, know who your top prospects are and what they look like.  Especially if you have only reached out to them through email, telephone or another virtual platform. An event is the perfect place to formally introduce yourself and establish that relationship. If you have a team, make sure each team member knows your divide and conquer plan.


3. Manage Your Time and Set a Goal


Managing your time at the event is crucial. Talking to one person for a lengthy amount of time, or taking too much time to approach someone you want to talk to, can be detrimental to your game plan. Set a goal of the number of people you want to talk to in order to keep yourself in check. If you plan on talking to twenty people, but you’re in the middle of a conversation with only an hour left, don’t be afraid to excuse yourself. Be aware if a conversation is going nowhere, or if the person has no interest in talking to you, so you can use your time more wisely.


4. Talk to Strangers 


While it’s smart to know who you want to talk to beforehand, you should also approach people you don’t already know. Walk up to a stranger, or ask a mutual friend to introduce you. That person will appreciate the friendly gesture, and the interaction may benefit you in the long run.  Especially if you have already talked to your top prospects, reaching out to new people will only generate more leads.


5. Follow Up 


After networking and taking the time to make so many new connections, you want to be sure your efforts were not in vain. It is imperative to get every single person’s contact information so you can get in touch with them in the future. Even if you only chat briefly, ask for their card or contact information so you can continue the conversation if you feel they are a good prospect. If there are people you especially want to pursue, send them a handwritten note or invite them to coffee to get to know them better.


Overall, make sure you are inviting the right people to your event so your chances of turning attendees into customers is as high as possible. Know beforehand who your perfect customer is so you know them when you see them. Have a conversation and listen to their needs to discover exactly how your product or service can help them. And always have a follow-up plan. Create your strategy for lead generation as you are planning your event for the best results possible. Happy lead generating!

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